VocRehab Perspective

VocRehab Perspective, 2015 Issue 1The agency's newsletter offers insight into current trends and events that influence West Virginia's vocational rehabilitation mission.

Fact sheets

An introduction to DRS

WVDRS facts This is the essential introduction to the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services, describing the DRS mission of vocational rehabilitation and outlining how that mission is fulfilled for thousands of West Virginians every year.
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Transition from school to work

Transition from school to work Students who have significant limitations with physical activities, learning, driving, seeing, hearing, or coping with stress may be eligible for transition assistance. This fact sheet explains how DRS can help students find their own best path from the familiar school environment to the world of gainful employment.
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Community Rehabilitation Programs

Community Rehabilitation Programs Many DRS services are coordinated through privately operated community rehabilitation programs near you, working with DRS counselors and consumers to integrate workers with disabilities into the local workforce. This fact sheet explains how that works.
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Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired

FACTSHEET: Services for the Blind and Visually ImpairedOn a single page, in large print, this document offers contact information throughout the state for our counselors for the blind and visually impaired.
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Resources for Children

People First Activity Book

People First Activity Book for Young ChildrenProduced by the West Virginia Developmental Disabilities Council with financial support from the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services, this People First Activity Book for Young Children is designed for you and your children to do together as an individual or classroom activity. We encourage you to discuss each example with your child or class to help them better understand the concepts presented.

Employer Resource Guide

Employer Resource Guide Building Bridges in the Workforce is an invaluable resource for employers who seek highly reliable and qualified job candidates. Hiring people with disabilities increases employee retention, creates value for customers and prepares employers to deal with the disabilities associated with an aging workforce. Also available for download are a large print version of Building Bridges in the Workforce and (linked below) a separate mp3 audio file for each section of the resource guide:

Building Bridges in the Workforce (audio version)

  1. Overview
  2. Staffing
  3. Training Programs and Incentives for Hiring People with Disabilities
  4. Financial Incentives
  5. Accessibility Assessments
  6. Accomodating People with Disabilities
  7. People are People
  8. Basic Disability Etiquette
  9. Attitudinal Barriers
  10. The Americans with Disabilities Act
  11. Complying with The ADA
  12. Hiring and The ADA


Vocational Rehabilitation Services


Other Services & Supports


Annual Report, Fiscal Year 2016

Investing in Futures: 2016 Annual Report of the WV Division of Rehabilitation ServicesIn our most recent annual report to the state Legislature and to the people of West Virginia, you will find significant detail about the services provided to taxpayers.