Visually Impaired Seniors In-home Outreach and Networking Services

Examining a restaurant menu with a handheld magnifier

With some adjustments to allow for vision loss, all the usual life activities can be managed gracefully.

VISIONS is an independent living program for seniors with vision loss. Trained professionals can help you continue to live and thrive in your family, your network of friends, and your community.

Services are provided free to qualified applicants. Leaving your home or community is not necessary to receive VISIONS services. Trained professionals can meet you in your home, at a community senior center, at a church or other convenient place of your choosing.

Discussing these services with family members? Download a one-page descriptive flyer here to share the essential information with all concerned.

To inquire about VISIONS services where you live, find your local VISIONS counselor on this map.


You may be eligible if:

  • You are a West Virginian, age 55 or older
  • You do not work
  • You have a permanent visual impairment that affects daily living activities such as reading mail, using the phone, cooking, shopping, socializing and more

VISIONS can help with:

  • Instruction in alternative ways to perform tasks affected by vision loss
  • Teach alternative home organization techniques
  • Help you safely and effectively manage your medications
  • Refer you for other services, such as Talking Book services and free directory assistance
  • Help you connect with community activities
  • Provide low-tech adaptive aids
  • Connect you with others with similar vision loss

… and much more.

For more information about VISIONS and other services for West Virginians who are blind or visually impaired, call the statewide toll-free hotline for Information & Referral Services for the Blind, at 1-800-642-3021.