Pre-sorting mail at Job Squad

A student gets hands-on work exploration experience at Job Squad, Inc., which provides a variety of pre-sorting and bulk mailing services in Charleston, during a DRS-sponsored 2018 Career Exploration Opportunity workshop.

The West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services can help a student with a disability to transition from high school to the next stage of adult life, which may include postsecondary education, vocational/technical education, adult education and employment.

These services are called Pre-Employment Transition Services, or Pre-ETS.

Pre-Employment Transition Services provide opportunities to learn more about:

  • career possibilities
  • your interest in those careers
  • how to prepare for those careers
  • how to take charge of your future

The Pathways to the Future website is a self-guided resource center for students with disabilities, parents, educators and vocational rehabilitation professionals. Look here for information and services to help with the transition from high school to employment.